Doubtful Sound Discovery

Remote and spectacular, Doubtful Sound is less visited than its more popular counterpart Milford Sound but we think that makes it even more special.

Your flight will take you across Lake Wakatipu with a bird’s eye view of Queenstown before we cross the Mavora Lakes to Lake Te Anau. World Heritage Fiordland National Park now unfolds in front of you as we soar over Doubtful Sound itself. Magnificent alpine peaks tower above the pristine waters of this exceptional corner of New Zealand. Dolphins and seals reside along the shoreline and numerous birds rise above from wood pigeons and hawks to the indigenous keas and kakas.

Now we circle into the hidden valley of Campbell’s Kingdom, with a distinctly prehistoric appearance and complete with lake and waterfall – a really spectacular place! Return to Heliworks over the mountains of south west Fiordland with countless alpine lakes, and views of Lake Manapouri – the lake of many islands. Your final stop before arriving back at base is a landing on Cecil Peak Ledge for a bird’s eye view of Queenstown and the Wakatipu basin.

Trip Duration: 2.75 hours

Landings: 3

Cost: $2300.00 per person (inc GST) 01.10.17-30.09.19