Commercial Projects

HELIWORKS undertake all aspects of industrial and commercial helicopter work. Our helicopters are capable of lifting up to 1.4 tonnes. Electric remote hooks and ground-to-air radios available as required.

We can also use remote-controlled electric down-lines, which offer a safer operation and quicker turnaround.

Most of our pilots have high altitude long line experience in places like Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Canada. Working with mining and oil and gas exploration industries.

We are fully equipped with fire fighting equipment, including up to 1100 litre monsoon buckets with foam units.

We are NVG (Night Vision Goggle) capable for Medical evacuations and Search and Rescue. Currently we are the only Queenstown based company that can offer this service.

Examples of work undertaken:

  • Geophysical Survey work
  • Avalanche Control – reconnaissance, equipment & personnel transport and aerial bombing
  • Search and Rescue including winch and long line recovery
  • Medical evacuations
  • Coastal & Alpine Heli-transportation – personnel, supplies, equipment
  • Industrial Lifting – buildings, vehicles, boats, concrete, equipment
  • Aerial support for hunters, fishermen, recreational National Park users
  • Rock and land slip clearance
  • Fire fighting with monsoon bucket
  • Supply drops
  • Tourism Industry support – Promotional filming, transport for guided Heli-fishing, Heli-hunting & Heli-hiking
  • Field work for NZ Department of Conservation
    – Track & Hut Maintenance
    – Auckland & Enderby Islands transport and supply drop
    – Scientific Research support
  • Transport and heavy lifting for International Tunnelling Project
  • Media transport and aerial photographic projects
  • Telephone and Radio Communications – alpine sites maintenance support
  • Forestry Industry Support – transport & supplies, Heli-logging

Contact us for more detailed information on the above services.