Our Pilots – Scott Theyers

Scott TheyersScott has a total of 20 years flying experience, 8800+ hours helicopter, his experience includes:

  • 750+ hours Multi Engine command helicopter
  • 5 seasons in Canada & 1 year in Papua New Guinea, mostly in mining support
  • Arctic experience in Canada’s north
  • Frost fighting
  • Heliski operations
  • Long line operations
  • Firefighting in Australia & Canada
  • Medivac & Search And Rescue operations, Night Vision Goggles.
  • Aerial photography, filming and media experience
  • Scenic operations throughout the West Coast, Mt Cook region, Southern Lakes area and Fiordland.

Scott has been flying for over 20 years and currently has over 8800hours flying time. He joined the Heliworks team in 2010, and in 2011 took on the role of Chief Pilot. He has extensive experience in long line operations having spent multiple seasons flying in Canada and Papua New Guinea on mining support.

With experience in scenic flights, filming, firefighting and commercial work he flies a wide variety of operations for us, including emergency work with our Night Vision Goggles. Scott is one of our most experienced long-line pilots and spends much of the summer working on the Milford and Routeburn track resupplies.